Hello, I’m Brenna. Not Breanna or Breena or Brenda but I understand the confusion and, honestly, I’d probably respond to any of those names. I’m a graphic designer living in the metro Detroit area of Michigan.  I graduated from Full Sail University with a BS in Computer Animation and an MFA in Media Design.

I like art and puppies and pop culture.  My musical taste ranges from 20’s Swing and Jazz to 60s Crooner to 80’s Rock to Justin Timberlake at any point in his musical career. I like fashion from the 50’s and movies of any genre.  

I’m an adventurer and I try to visit somewhere new as often as I can whether that is a new country, state, or simply a new local restaurant. My dream is to live my life in a way that I am constantly creating new experiences, meeting new people, and being a positive influence and encouraging force. I hope that wherever I go in this life I can show people that there is a bright beautiful side to this world, not just the doom and gloom that’s constantly shoved in our faces.

I believe most problems can be solved with coconut oil and yoga and that you should show love to everyone even if you don’t like them. So, go forth and do good and let’s create awesome things.