Honey Dew Bee Company

Honey Dew Bee Company is a small shop located in The City of Chicago that sells raw and local honey.

I have created a brand identity and strategy to help Honey Dew sell their products, connect with the community, and educate the public about the health benefits of raw and local honey.

Dynamic Moodboard

Graphics created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Organized and animated in Adobe After Effects.

Static Mood Board

Created in Adobe Illustrator


Chicago Transit Advertising

Created in Adobe Photoshop


Farmer's Market

Graphics created in Adobe Illustrator. Assembled in Adobe Photoshop.


Created in Adobe Illustrator


Informational Booklet

Book interior created in Adobe Indesign. Full display created in Adobe Photoshop.

Dynamic Presentation

Assembled in Adobe After Effects.

Static Presentation

Created in Adobe InDesign.